Rondo for Clarinet and String Trio

I think I've hit a creative burst. As my string quartet was nearing completion — about a week ago — I decided to start something smaller. At first it was just going to be a smaller piece for string quartet, but then I decided to replace the first violin with a clarinet, so that I could play it. (The clarinet is my instrument of choice.)

This piece only took about a week to compose, compared with the two years it took for me to write the string quartet. Part of that was the fact that this piece was a short-term project, in contrast to the long-term project of the string quartet, which I wrote gradually as I had my mind mostly on other compositions.

I think this is the most prolific I've ever been as a composer. That's not saying much, since it's not very prolific, but considering I didn't write a single composition for the entire year of 2015, it's pretty good for me.

This is a MIDI recording (for now). I hope I can make a live performance happen, preferably at the same time as with the string quartet. For now, though, I don't think the MIDI is that bad. Enjoy! ;)

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