The greatest symphony of ALL TIME...

On the night of Saturday, December 3rd, I attended a concert of my local orchestra performing some beautiful music. They played the “Winter” section from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, excerpts from Handel’s Messiah, Mozart’s motet “Exultate, jubilate,” and the traditional song “O Holy Night.”

After the intermission, the orchestra performed Brahms’s Symphony No. 1. This, by the way, was the very reason I asked to go to the concert, because this is the greatest symphony of all time, by any composer. Period. (I’d put a link to a YouTube video, but I’d need to have permission from the uploader(s), whom I do not know, but the best recording out there is Herbert von Karajan’s 1988 live performance from Tokyo.) Anyway, the whole auditorium pretty much exploded at the end, and for good reason too.
Afterwards, I got a rare chance to speak with the conductor, who gave me some advice on composition and on playing music (I play piano and clarinet as serious instruments). I give my sincere thanks to the conductor for his time!