Live Performance!!

There is a concert taking place August 12th at the Danbury Music Centre in Danbury, Connecticut, premiering one of my compositions! Let me explain:

In May, I was accepted into the Chamber Music Intensive, a week-long seminar for music students, as a composer. This seminar is taking place in August, and will end with a participant concert on the 12th. A new composition of mine (commissioned by the DMC) will be performed there, and a studio recording of my string quartet is going to be made by Juilliard graduates! I will put that up to replace the MIDI version as soon as I acquire it.

I don't have the information yet about what time the concert will take place at, but I believe it will be in the afternoon. I will post new information as soon as I get it. This is very exciting stuff!

EDIT: It happened! Yay!!

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