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Live Performance!! 

There is a concert taking place August 12th at the Danbury Music Centre in Danbury, Connecticut, premiering one of my compositions! Let me explain:

In May, I was accepted into the Chamber Music Intensive, a week-long seminar for music students, as a composer. This seminar is taking place in August, and will end with a participant concert on the 12th. A new composition of mine (commissioned by the DMC) will be performed there, and a studio recording of my string quartet is going to be made by Juilliard…

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Check out my YouTube channel! 

For those who use YouTube to listen to music (like me) or who may just prefer it to a separate website, you're not limited to just this website to listen to my music — I have a YouTube channel! The name of the channel is "Maxwell Kaye" (or just click this link here). I upload videos of all my compositions as they come out.

Sorry for sounding like an advertiser. I just wanted to announce the existence of my channel after procrastinating doing so for a whole year. ;)

Update on the Pieces for Clarinet and Piano 

For now, my “Three Pieces for Clarinet and Piano” is going to be two. The reason is that I kind of lost momentum after writing the Intermezzo and the third piece didn’t really get written. Sorry about all of that. :( 

I’m renaming the composition “Andante and Intermezzo for Clarinet and Piano”.

Welcome to! 

Hello! I just started this website and I'm really looking forward to publicizing my compositions. If you have any suggestions, you can comment on one of my blog posts, or visit the Contact page of my site and message me. I will be happy to take suggestions!